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“When was my last check-up?  When is my child due for his/her next immunization?  Do I have any refills left on my medications?”

How many times have you thought or asked these questions? HealthQ is a bilingual reminder developed by physicians and nurses that can now finally help users answer these and many other questions related to their health care.

After realizing that patients over the years continually ask the same questions, the idea of creating a program in which patients can access information based on age and gender with a link to screening tools was conceived. HealthQ allows users to keep track of their upcoming appointments, personal medication renewals, and the latest screening tests and recommendations as well as prenatal timelines. HealthQ allows the user to take a more active part in their health care.

“The medication reminders are what I like best”…a senior with multiple medications, “I no longer have to rely on my daughter’s phone reminders.”

“HealthQ keeps track of our family’s immunization schedule”

“No one has greater interest in my health more than me, HealthQ is a vital tool to improve and maintain my healthy lifestyle.”

All of the recommendations in this app are based on guidelines from the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Healthcare, the Alberta Screening and Prevention Program and Toward Optimized Practice.

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HealthQ was developed by local family physicians and their nurse who have practiced in Calgary for over 25 years.

The physicians joke about the fact that they are considered ‘dinosaurs’ in medicine. “We still use paper charts rather than electronic medical records and therefore the last people you would think to create and develop an app!”

If you would like more information on HealthQ or wish to post within our app please email Dr. Margaret Watty at

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