HealthQ App Features

HealthQ App Profile Screen

Your Profile

HealthQ app Profile set up screens

Setting up your profile

Create a profile to personalize your recommendations and create reminders and appointments. At anytime you may add, delete or edit members in your profile.

Please note: Date of birth, weight, height and gender require scrolling up and down to make a selection and are in metric by default.

HealthQ App Conversions Screen

Conversion Table

Convert common heights, weights and other units relative to your profile data between imperial and metric:

  1. Weight: Lbs to Kgs
  2. Height: Feet/Inches to Cms 
HealthQ App Video


Watch the HealthQ App overview and learn how you can integrate it personally or with others.

HealthQ App Reminders Screen


This is a medication reminder. You can create your personalized reminder for any medication or prescription. Get your medication reminder 10 minutes before it is due. This area also shows current and past reminders added in the app.

HealthQ App Appointments Screen


You can now record all you appointments on one simple app.

Save your appointment type, date, time and provider details. You can also receive your reminder notifications 1 week, 1 hour and 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment. This screen will also indicate overdue or pending appointments.

HealthQ App Notifications Screen


This will provide you with a list of personalized recommended test and screenings, vaccination recommendations based on your personal profile and any other profile user on your account.

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