Better Breakfast, Better Health.

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You have probably heard the statement “breakfast is the most important meal of day.” Why is this? After a night’s sleep, you have not eaten for 8 hours or more and your body needs nutrients. Breakfast boosts your energy levels and increases productivity for the rest of the day through the ingestion of vitamins and nutrients. Below are some tips and breakfast recipes for a healthy morning routine.

Pictured: Smoothie bowl with pumpkin seeds, granola, mango, berries, and shredded coconut.
  • Hydrate: rehydate your body with some water after a night’s rest. Adding lemon can also help balance your body’s pH alongside other health benefits.
  • Exercise: meditation, yoga, or a workout to wake up and kick start your day! Even 5-10 mins. is adequate.
  • Eating breakfast: trying to accomplish tasks on an empty stomach is never fun or productive. Eating a good breakfast is crucial to maintaining your health. Here are some quick/easy options:
    • Overnight oats w/ fruit, nuts, honey, PB, chia etc. (checkout our Instagram story “Did you know?” for a recipe.
    • Smoothies: PB banana chocolate, berry, green, and tropical smoothies are some ideas. Google/Pinterest has endless recipes.
    • Avocado toast w/ an egg and arugula, cherry tomatoes or radishes (opt).
    • Veggie frittata (make morning of or night before). Tip: make in muffin tins for easy portioning.
    • Greek yogurt chocolate mousse: dessert for breakfast? Yes!
    • Chia pudding
    • Granola/smoothie bowl w/ fresh fruit and yogurt (pictured)
    • Muffins: Types: morning glory, oat blueberry, banana chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, cranberry orange, etc. Google/Pinerest has tons of recipes!
    • Breakfast cookies: vegan, GF, customizable, and easy!
  • Drinking tea: a cup of a tea day, especially green tea, is very healthy for the immune system, is relaxing and soothing, and has many health benefits.
Pictured: Smoothie bowl with bananas, shredded coconut, granola, pumpkin seeds, and chocolate nibs.

How can the HealthQ app. help? Set up a reminder to take your medication and/or vitamins as per instructions before/after breakfast.

Don’t forget to take moments to breathe throughout the day to focus on yourself, clear your mind, and relax. Some smart watches even have reminders to do this every couple of hours.

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