Going Back to School (COVID-19 edition)

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How can students go back to school safely? Students in Alberta will be going back to in-person classes this fall, which has some parents worried.

Here is some info based on the announcements made in the past two weeks.

  • Classroom sizes will not be restricted
  • Masks will not be mandatory for K-Gr 3.
  • Masks will be mandatory for Gr 4-12 students in common areas and on school buses. Staff/teachers will also be given masks to use. Supplies will be provided by the Province of AB.
  • More outdoor activities
  • What measures will be in place for students needing extra assistance? This includes students who may need mental health support, physical/speech therapy, etc.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitization (ie: exiting classroom and school)
  • Direction markers in hallways

Other considerations to think about:

  • Suggest open windows and doors for airflow when possible
  • Immunizations: Are they up to date?
  • Food and dining: what will it look like? Think about pre-packaged lunches if meals will not served by the school.

Private schools and universities may have different scenarios will change as numbers increase/decrease. Some are capping classroom sizes and installed plexiglass around each desk.

For most up to date info, please look on the Government of Alberta’s website here or the AB Teachers Assocation.