Going to Gyms During the Pandemic

Nadine Boudreau-CurtisUncategorized

Have you gone back to your local gym/fitness centre? Gyms have reopened in some places with strict protocol measures in place. Below are some tips and ‘to knows’ about gyms.

  • Restricted number of people at one given time and classes. Go at non-peak times to reduce potential wait times.
  • Lockers may be out of order. Minimize what you bring into the facility.
  • Distance protocols may be up to 3m. There is heavier breathing at the gym, which increases the transmissions of droplets and transmission.
  • Check disinfecting policies. Some equipment (ie: yoga mats, rollers) is harder to clean, so consider bringing your own or skipping it altogether.
  • Check if your gym offers virtual classes or enroll in outdoor workouts when possible. Check out Calgary Outdoor Yoga for online and outdoor yoga classes!

Shout out to all the Calgary businesses who have been taking extra steps and being creative in trying to normalize things while reopening!