Summer Activities During a Pandemic

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Now that it’s summer and people are getting outside more, it is still important to remain safe outdoors. Wondering how to do it? Here are some tips below and ideas for activities!

Maintaining a safe distance (2 meters): while the chances of contracting COVID-19 outdoors is relatively low, maintaining proper physical distance from others is still important.

  • Backyard gatherings: Ask your friends/family to bring their own chairs, food/drinks, and maintain a safe distance. If you’ve upgraded having a BBQ/dinner, you can pre-organize/wrap utensils to minimize the chance of people touching everything. Consider spacing out food a bit and covering food. Another consideration is having each household family go in groups/line-ups. Have a bottle of hand sanitizer available too!
    • Bathroom etiquette: if you are allowing guests to use your bathroom, consider cleaning it with a disenfectant spray when possible and only allow 1 bathroom to be used.
  • Camping: In Alberta, campgrounds have re-opened with restrictions. Before booking/going, check guidelines. If you are backcountry camping, consider choosing a trail that is wide. Some are very narrow and do not allow for proper distancing. Make sure to sanitize/wash your hands frequently camping, especially when sharing common areas!
    • Alternative idea: backyard camping (no bears!).
  • Biking: With the endless biking trails in Calgary and several other cities, this is a great opportunity to explore the city. Many cities have closed off some street roads to allow for more cyclists and social distancing.
  • Restaurants: Aim for patios if possible. There is better air flow outside and restaurants are following strict protocols (including cleaning of bathrooms), so the risk of contracting the virus is fairly low.
  • City of Calgary free activities: Community Nature Adventure Playground, family golf nights, etc.
Pictured: River along Lake Minnewanka Trail in Banff, AB

For more info, check out the following links:

Enjoy the outdoors and stay safe!

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